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In 1982, Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. started a business by virtue of initial capital of several hundred Yuan jointly invested by eight business partners and founded Qingyuan County Daweicun Town Gucheng Handcraft Incense Factory which specialized in the production of incense raw materials and incense and registered Gucheng Trademark by inheriting 800 years’ incense production culture. With the support of national opening up and reform policies and governments at all levels, our business partners have cooperated with each other, created common prosperity, safeguarded integrity and put quality products on the market. As a result, Gucheng incense products were in demand our group built up business soon.
In 1986, Qingyuan County Daweicun Town Gucheng Handcraft Incense Factory was renamed Qingguan County Gucheng Incense Factory specializing in the production of incense. With the development, the factory has set up partnership with 30 business partners and business scale has taken shape. Approved by Baoding People’s Government, it renamed Baoding Gucheng Handcraft Incense Factory in 1988 and optimized the rules and regulations soon.
In 1989, our group attached importance to the R&D of products and founded the first R&D center “Baoding Gucheng Disinfection and Insecticide Technology Institute”. Additionally, our technicians studied hard and conducted research conscientiously in practice to develop incense cultural product serials which won a good number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research achievement awards. With the struggle and efforts of all the staff, our group increased sales and profits in Gucheng Incense Products from 1982 to 1990 and built up business as well as achieved a rapid development by leaps and bounces from 1982 to 1998.
From 1994 to 2001, our group went into fierce competition and infringement disputes and consolidated 30 shareholders into 8 shareholders. After completion of equity restructuring, it has innovated enters development modes and built up business by leaps and bounces. To adapt to annual increase in sales, it invested in expanding a good number of incense production enterprises and supporting enterprises and extending production enterprises by attracting foreign investment. As a result, Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. forges ahead and builds up business every year.
From 1994 to 2003, our group set up and optimized the modern marketing system, established a good number of business liaison offices and engaged agents to establish national wholesale and distribution network. Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. has emerged in the course of restructuring. In 2003, it was restructured into Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. to improve management and maximize profits and became local biggest taxpayer. As a result, state and shareholders have achieved a high return and Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. has completed starting a business for the first time.
In 2004, Gucheng Trademark was recognized as “China Well-known Trademark” by State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Gucheng Products became the first incense brand in China and our group commenced implementing brand strategies, pooling industrial resources and innovating management modes. In 2005, it launched the campaign of starting a new undertaking, introduced talent, boosted competitiveness, trained the management to improve their overall qualities, achieved traditional enterprise transformation, took the initiatives to pool sales resources, carried out national terminal sales network construction and marketing reform, adopted the marketing philosophy of achieving win-win, invested heavily in technical transformation, improved product quality, cut production cost and boosted production efficiency.
To meet the demand of market development, our group launched the campaign of starting a new undertaking in 2006, set up a good number of incense production factories in different regions in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and built up business in 2008. As a result, it has boosted competitiveness and brought glory to the incense industry in China.


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